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EmoLens is a fun easy way to browse Flickr photographs and catalog them using only the power of your mind. At the heart of EmoLens is the 14-electrode EPOC headset, created by Emotiv systems, Inc.  Watch the video below to see a demonstration of EmoLens in action.  You will see my computer automatically detect my emotions and use them to control the speed of a Flickr photo slideshow while simultaneously tagging them with the detected emotion as it builds a catalog for me with no effort on my part. Later in the video you will see how I trigger a photo search just by remembering a feeling and that feeling leads to to my rediscovery of a previously tagged photo (EmoTagged).

I would personally like to thank the talented folk at Cool Iris for creating the amazing Cool Iris Wall web component, which is used heavily in EmoLens for displaying Flickr photos in a dynamic and visually intriguing way.

EmoLens will be available in the Emotiv software store by the end of November 2010.  Sign up for the EmoRate Computing by Emotion newsletter to be notified when EmoLens is available for purchase.






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